cbd bath bomb

CBD Bath Bomb

Our CBD bath bombs are handmade and overflowing with essential oils, organic clays, and salts that will leave your skin glowing smooth, and a surprise quartz crystal!

Extracted from a top-rated California hemp farm with unbeatable quality, these chunks of heaven give you the best relief and relaxation in the bath.

Well, dive on in! CBD bath bomb paradise awaits.

Why do we put crystals in our bath bombs?

Crystals are believed to possess healing and energy-balancing properties. This belief originated from spiritual and metaphysical traditions.¬†Different crystals put out unique vibrations that can interact with your body’s energy fields(chakras). Bath water is believed to enhance the vibrations of the crystals.

More importantly, just like CBD and warm baths, they are known to promote balance and well-being in the human body.

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