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We use only pharmaceutical grade CBD isolate and distillate extracted from USDA Certified Organic agrictultural hemp grown in Colorado, USA.

Our lab tested CBD isolate is pure cannabidiol at 99.7%. Our Full Spectrum is gold in color, rich in terpenes and cannabinoids and has THC levels below .3%. Our farm uses advanced molecular distillation technology to increase cannabinoid potency. This process removes much of the chlorophyll and plant waxes that exist in “raw” extracts, giving our Full Spectrum CBD Distillate a mild taste and golden profile.

The farmers use organic methods and always strive to breed better hemp that produces a blend of beneficial cannabinoids that help to promote health and wellness.

About Us

Quartz Trading Co, founded in 2016, is a small California based holistic company passionate in natural remedies mother nature provides.

*Disclaimer* CBD has not yet been evaluated by the FDA and therefore these statements are not proven to diagnose, cure or prevent any disease.
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