Crystal Guide

Get to know the stones inside your favorite bath bombs and other Quartz Trading Co products. Learn the name of the stone, the meaning and how they are used.


Agate : grounding, stability, support

Off balance? Feeling like one aspect of life is going well while another is out of control, use agate to establish stability. This stone will help build your strengths and lessen your weaknesses. It can increase concentration and confidence making it easier to focus on the good in life.


Amazonite : playful, fluidity, optimistic

Mind polluted with toxic energy? This stone can help clear that up. Pain that we have experienced in the past can create energy blocks in our present which can lead to difficulty expressing yourself. This stone works on the heart and throat chakras with a loving energy. It will open you up and help you release the things that have hurt you so you can better express yourself in every aspect of life.


Aventurine : manifestation, good luck, optimistic

sometimes referred to as the "gamblers" stone, aventurine is helpful to everyone. It will give you a sense of confidence needed to jump out of your comfort zone, making it less scary. Keep it in your pocket for good luck, or on a desk to help manifest your goals.


Black Tourmaline : protection, stress reliever, security

Known as the forcefield protector, not even the worst energy could burst your bubble. It is one of the most powerful and widely used crystals for protection against all form of negative energy. It helps you create a "bubble" to prevent you from picking up unwanted energies. Use it in all four corners of a room to add a protective shield that helps dispel low vibrational energy.


Carnelian : confidence, passion, creativity

Known as the "artist" stone, if carnelian was a person it would be the life of the party. Creative and confident, the energy carnelian gives will motivate you. It is used on the sacral chakra to simulate your inner "star." It will lend you a sense of power that is beneficial to anyone trying to break through creative blocks, or new projects and goals.


Citrine : joy, light, happiness

Citrine is one of the few stones that clears negative energy rather than absorbing like most crystals. It energizes the solar plexus chakra to emanate power, centeredness, confidence and endurance. It makes room for happiness and light so the spirt is open to positive outcomes.


Hematite : focus, grounding, centering

Mind spinning out of control? Hematite will help clear your thoughts and tell it like it is. It helps you to get our of your head and bring you back down to earth. Rather than over analyzing due to anxiety or stress, use hematite to connect you to the root chakra so you can stay grounded.


Lapis Lazuli : awareness, wisdom, truth

Full of wisdom and awareness, this stone will have your soul wanting to embark on a journey of awakening. It helps to leave stress behind. If you have issues of self expression, speaking in public, or you feel someone's just not understanding you, use this stone to help vocalize and communicate better.


Moonstone : balance, divinity, tenderness

The luminosity of a moonstone represents tenderness, and is said to bring two lovers closer together. Moonstone can also connect your divine feminine. It helps you connect with the moon's energy and become more balanced. It acts as a guide to help you do the necessary things to become more balanced, healthy and in sync. It is the light in the darkness.


Onyx : release, calm, protection

Feeling stressed, the energy of onyx lets you breathe a little easier, bringing balance, protection and confidence. Onyx will help you see what it is that's weighing you down and release it from your life. It helps ease the stress of life you're able to look forward to the bright future ahead of you.


Orange Calcite : cleansing, openness, purity

Orange calcite is like a dose of sunshine. Feeling down? Use this stone to help bring that sun and vitamin D to your life. It is an amazing spiritual tonic because it supports the sacral chakra. It is a strong energy purifier. It will help you embark on a new journey or adventure.


Quartz : clarity, manifestation, focus

The rockstar of crystals. This stone brings clarity to shadows in the mind. A universal healer, it is linked to all chakras to provide balance. It has the ability to be programmed for manifestation like no other crystal. It elevates thoughts and perspective.


Rose Quartz : compassion, forgiveness, love

Rose quartz is known as "the love doctor." It will open up your heart chakra to every type of love you need. Whether it be self love, friendship, family, romantic, or love for humanity. It will help you in releasing toxic emotions so your spirit can have inner peace and be free of negativity.


Sodalite : trust, communication, harmony

Sodalite will ground you with all the positive energies like self esteem, acceptance and trust. This stone helps to reestablish the connection between the higher mind and the body, letting go of those fears and tensions held in both. Use this stone to help strengthen bonds with others and bring balance into all areas of your life. It is also a powerful stone for intuition and tapping into your sixth sense.


Tigers Eye: perspective, inspiration, good luck

Tigers eye has the ability to bring out a deep sense in focus and primal power. It will change your outlook and aid in helping you understand yourself on a deeper level. Need a solution to a problem? Want to try something new? Tigers eye connect you to the solar plexus and sacral chakras to help ground you in the power you need to get through those challenging times.