CBD Bath Bombs

Our CBD bath bombs are made with award-winning California hemp

from an organic farm right next door. 

Plus, over a dozen nutrient-rich ingredients including:

Quartz CBD Store

est. 2016  |  Bakersfield, CA

aloe  |  kaolin clay  |  bentonite clay  |  golden jojoba oil  |  avocado oil  |  coconut oil  |  hempseed oil  |  grapeseed oil  |  fresh eucalyptus  |  fresh lavender  |  witch hazel  |  sea salt  |  pink himalayan salt  |  lavender  |  jasmine  |  chamomile

Well? Dive on in! Relief is near.

CBD Bath Bomb | 200mg Vibe | Blood Orange, Frankincense + Surprise Crystal


Ohhh, this soak is a VIBE… CBD bath bomb! Intended to create awareness to the…

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CBD Bath Bomb | 200mg Nourish | Ylang Ylang, Bergamot + Surprise Crystal


Nourish your skin with this clay and oat infused CBD Bath bomb. Remember girl’s night…

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CBD Bath Bomb | 200mg Detox | Lemongrass + Surprise Crystal


Our CBD bath bomb “Detox” is designed to increase energy and eliminate the toxins in…

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2-Pack CBD Bath Bombs | 200mg + Surprise Crystal, Botanicals, Essential Oils


Our CBD bath bomb is freshly handmade with organic botanicals straight from our beautiful planet….

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CBD Bath Bomb | 200mg I Love You | Rose, Vanilla + Surprise Crystal


Nothing says I love you like a CBD bath bomb with a Quartz crystal! Whether…

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CBD Bath Bomb | 200mg Recover | Peppermint + Surprise Crystal


This CBD bath bomb with Peppermint oil has a surprise crystal and 200mg of pure…

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CBD Bath Bomb 5-Pack


An assortment of 5 CBD Bath Bombs. Choose your variation below! 1 100mg CBD Bath…

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CBD Bath Shake 1,000mg


Do you like our CBD Bath Bombs? Do you bath OFTEN?!  Well, enjoy it in…

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CBD Bath Bomb Subscription

CBD Bath Bomb Subscription

From: $35.00 / month and a $5.00 sign-up fee

A curated CBD Bath Bomb subscription for our most favorite people. Whether its monthly, bi-monthly…

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protection evil eye cbd bath bomb 200mg

CBD Bath Bomb 200mg | Evil Eye Keychain, Protection | Reiki Baths


Protect your energy with a spiritual CBD bath bomb. This bomb is packed with all…

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CBD Bath Reviews

I cannot express how amazing the CBD bath bombs are! I felt all the stress leave my body. Highly recommend!!

- Jessica

These bath bombs, I CANNOT. I can feel the smoothness on my skin the next day! Thank you ladies!!!

- Jenn

I love all the quartz products. I’ve been using the bath bombs for quite some time and now I CAN'T bathe without them. The employees and owner are very knowledgeable and were able to guide me. Thank you quartz!

- Marcie

The bath bombs are amazing especially after a hard workout. My husband had knee surgery and the Salve is helping him so much overall with pain management. I would recommend Quartz to any family or friend in need of pain relief!

- Kim

I love their bathbombs! Their lotions and freeze sports roll on has helped my lower back pain better than any other over the counter medicine! I love that it’s local to where I live, woman owned and pure products! 5 stars from me!

- Heather

Their products are amazing! Only Bath Bombs I buy, and the surprise stone you get to keep forever is awesome!

- Leanna

Wondering why we bathe with crystals?

Crystals are believed to possess healing and energy-balancing properties when close to your body. Different gems put out unique vibrations that can interact with your body's energy fields(chakras).

Bath water is believed to enhance the vibrations of the crystals.

More importantly, just like CBD and warm bath water, they are known to promote balance and well-being in the human body.

Now, THAT, is the bomb.

Are there Quartz CBD bath bombs near you?

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