Quartz Crystal Charger


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Not sure what to do with your CBD Bath Bomb crystal? Remember how we said crystals can draw negative energy? Well, Think of it like your cell phone, once drained, you must recharge it to do its job! Here is the tool to do just that, made by Stoney Weather by Kimberlina, its stylish, yet functional. Use this next to your bath or bed or wherever you charge your crystals…..under the full moon maybe?

How does this charge your crystals you ask?! Well, it includes specially chosen pieces of crystal inside that are known to recharge crystals. This includes, Amethyst, Carnelian, Hematite, Rose Quartz and Selenite.

Helpful hint: place your CBD bath bomb on it and charge your crystal before you use it!

Want to know what crystal you have? check out our Crystal Guide!


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