Eucalyptus Bundle


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Add a peaceful and rejuvenating aroma to your shower or home with our fresh eucalyptus bundles.

We grow these! Our eucalyptus gets used like crazy to brighten our home, in our CBD salve, bath or shower. So, we thought, hey, lets share the real deal with you too so you can enjoy it as much as us! These silver dollar eucalyptus bundles make a great addition while you shower or as home decor and keep their scent even after they dry.

Approximately 12-15 sprigs of Eucalyptus

Aromatic Benefits:

  • Promotes relaxation and decreases stress
  • Natural insect repellent
  • Helps colds and congestion

Topical Benefits:

  • May reduce inflammation
  • May treat dry skin
  • May promote teeth health

How to use Eucalyptus:

  • Use ground leaves to make tea
  • Hang the leaves in your shower
    • Be sure to use something like a cup and roll out the eucalyptus with pressure to open it up first.
  • Add the leaves to your bath for extra aroma
  • Make a bug repellent
  • Infuse your oils for topical use!

WARNING: do not consume eucalyptus essential oil


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