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I don’t know about you, but bath time has its rituals and it ALWAYS includes a candle. Add an Outer Limit Candles candle to your CBD Bath Bomb experience and complete the ambiance!

Find 2 mystery Quartz crystals at the bottom! Available in two scents.

Nirvana: Unisex, mysterious, sexy, rugged and hypnotizing this is a blend of black pepper, Amber and musk. This scent is quite lush and rich making it good for both cold and warm nights. Topped with jasmine and other botanicals plus Outer Limits Candles’s signature crescent moon and galaxy glitter.

8oz black soy candle. Made in California

Field of Dreams: Ever wonder what a field of flowers would smell like? Well this has to be close. I feel like I went on a hike and found an amazing secret spot nobody has ever been to. A field of thousands of wildflowers, untouched by man. Delicate but powerful enough to make the whole room smell, it has A blend of pineapple, strawberry, coconut, chamomile, ginger, musk and vanilla. Topped with lavender,
Rose hips, jasmine and other flowers 🙂

8oz black soy candle. Made in California


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